Casa in Glynn County and Brunswick

Georgia CASA stands for Georgia Court Appointed Special Advocates.  They are trained volunteers who are appointed by Judge Roundtree of the Brunswick Juvenile Court. They are appointed to promote and protect the best interests of children who are the subject of proceedings in the Juvenile Court.  These children have been neglected or abused and often need placements with relatives or foster families.

A Brunswick CASA volunteer must be 21 years of age, willing to undergo 40 hours of training, and able to commit to the program for at least one year.  Once appointed for a child by the Brunswick Juvenile Court a CASA stays involved until the child is permanently placed.  While working for a child, a CASA: (a) meets with the child regularly; (b) makes an assessment of the needs of the child; (c) performs their own review of the facts of the case; (d) locates potential family and community resources for the child; and (e) prepares a written report for submission to the court.

Glynn County Casa volunteers enable the Brunswick Juvenile Court to make better decisions about children.  If interested, you can contact them at: 1615 Reynolds Street, Brunswick, CA 31520, (912) 264-4448,