Lee S. Ashmore specializes in divorce and family law.  He has twenty years of experience in divorce practice.  He has litigated over five hundred family law cases and negotiated and drafted hundreds of settlement agreements.

Mr. Ashmore has extensive experience in divorce mediation.  He has completed training programs in both general mediation and divorce mediation. He has represented clients in hundreds of mediations and settlement conferences.

Mr. Ashmore has long been active in bar associations at the local, state, and national level.  He has been chair of the American Bar Association’s Family Law Litigation Committee.  He has been editor of the Committee’s newsletter.  He is currently a member of the American Bar Association’s Marital Property Committee.  Mr. Ashmore is a member of the Georgia Bar’s Family Law Section, and a member of the Glynn County Bar Association.

Brunswick, Georgia, divorce lawyers routinely travel a circuit, practicing family law in the Superior Courts of Glynn County, Camden County, Charlton County, Ware County, Pierce County, and McIntosh County.  These courts do not issue scheduling orders, or normally schedule mediation or settlement conferences in divorce and family law cases.  In difficult cases, lawyers can arrange mediation by choosing from a list of court approved mediators.

Divorce lawyers in Brunswick, Georgia, must also be ready to quickly prepare for hearings.  Courts in more congested areas of the county often take months to hold hearings, but courts in Southeast Georgia set in requested hearings quickly, usually within 45 days.  That means divorce lawyers must be on top of their cases and begin preparing for hearings as soon as they are retained.

Because hearings come up quickly and courts do not require mediation or settlement conferences, settlement discussions are often conducted in the hallway of the courthouse prior to the hearing.  Brunswick, Georgia, divorce lawyers must be prepared to negotiate settlement as well as to try the case before the judge.