Affordable Divorce

Paying attorney’s fees in the family law action can often be difficult.  You may have limited income and assets out of which to pay fees.  Your spouse may insist on proceeding with litigation, unnecessarily driving up your attorney’s fees beyond your ability to pay.  All of your money may be in your home, or some other asset, so that you cannot pay until after the divorce is completed.  Finally, your spouse may have control of the marital assets and income, leaving you unable to pay your attorney’s fees.

For an affordable divorce, the Law Office of Lee S. Ashmore offers a number of solutions to these problems.  First, if your income and assets do not allow you to pay the regular attorney’s fees we will work as a reduced fee divorce attorney.  The amount of reduction is something we can discuss with you, depending on the nature of your case and your financial resources. Possibilities include: (a) reduction in hourly rate; (b) a cap on the total fees charged; and (c) a set, manageable, monthly payment until the total fee is paid.

If you do not have the ability to pay, but have relatives who are able and willing to pay the fees, we can accept a guarantee from the relatives that they will pay the fees as agreed.

If you are not able to access your assets until after the divorce, or your spouse controls the marital assets and income, we can accept a lien on the assets, so that we are assured we will be paid at the conclusion of the case.  We can also obtain court orders during the case requiring your spouse to pay some or all of our fees.

Combinations of these methods can also be used to tailor a plan for an affordable divorce.  Please call us at (912) 275-7728 to arrange a free consultation.